Social Interaction and Society

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Perspectives of Modern Sociological Science

ETH Zurich, May 26 – 28, 2016

ETH main building
ETH Zurich, main building

Plenary Talks:

  • Andreas Diekmann (Zurich)
  • Ernst Fehr (Zurich)
  • Michael Hechter (Copenhagen)
  • Peter Hedström (Linköping)
  • Michael Macy (New York)
  •  Ramzi Suleiman (Haifa)

Social and strategic interaction is the basic element in explanations of how society works. People imitate habits, fashions, customs and norms and learn from other people’s behavior. Opinions spread throughout society by characteristic patterns and the „law of imitation“ (Tarde) drives the social diffusion of innovations like norms, attitudes or the adoption of new technologies. Strategic behavior considers other actors‘ goals and opportunities and often leads to far reaching consequences that were not intended by rational or boundedly rational actors. Competing models from game theory, behavioral game theory, rational choice theory, bounded rationality theory with evolutionary models based on principles of learning and imitation were developed to account for explanations of social interactions and its consequences on the macro level of the society.

The aim of the conference is to bring together the diverse perspectives on modeling social interaction, on deriving hypotheses from theories of interaction and on empirical tests of hypotheses in various fields of applications.

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