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Perspectives of Modern Sociological Science


Plenary Talks

Andreas Diekmann (ETH Zurich)

"Strategic Interactions and Society. Endogenizing Beliefs and Opportunities"

Peter Hedström (Linköping University)

"Social Interactions and Macro-Level Dynamics"

Michael Hechter (University of Copenhagen)

"Reflections on the Evolution of Social Order"

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Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich)

"Degustibus est Disputandum. The Emerging Science of Preference Formation"

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Ramzi Suleiman (University of Haifa)

"Economic Harmony: An Epistemic Theory of Economic Interactions"

Michael Macy (Cornell University NY)

"Methodological Dilemmas in Social Science"

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Parallel Sessions

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Thursday, 26 May

A1 Behavioural Theory I B1 Public Goods and Social Cooperation I 

Roland W. Scholz
"Experimental Action Research in Transdiscipinary Processes: Measuring Effects of Best Practice and Mutual Learning among Science and Practice"

(Giulia Andrighetto) presented by Áron Székely
"Bringing Diversity In: How Individual Heterogeneity and Institutional Background Shape Cooperative Decision-Making"

Sandra Andraszewicz
"Resolving Persistent Uncertainty by Self-organised Consensus to Mitigate Market Bubbles"

Yosuke Kira
"Rotational Cooperation in the Repeated Missing Hero Dilemma"

Peter Bernholz
"The Role of Expectations in the Current Crisis"

Caleb Koch
"A Large-Scale Study on Groundwater Usage"

Alexander Konon
"Entrepreneurial Decision Making, Personality Traits, and Subjective Learning"

Peter Lewisch
"From Spontaneous Cooperation to Spontaneous Punishment: Distinguishing the Underlying Motives Driving Spontaneous Behavior in First and Second Order Public Goods"

A2 Behavioural Theory II B2 Public Goods and Social Cooperation II

Georg P. Mueller
"Social Contagion and Chaotic Outcomes: A Model of Social Protest"

Simone Righi
"The Importance of Direct and Indirect Reciprocity for the Emergence of Cooperation"

Heinrich H. Nax
"A Behavioral Study of “Noise” in Coordination Games"

Áron Székely
"Collective Reputations Suffer from the Tragedy of the Commons"
Evangelos Pouranas
"Self-regulatory Information Sharing in Participatory Social Sensing"
Luca Tummolini
"Understanding Collaboration: A Conditional Game-Theoretic Approach"

Friday, 27 May (Morning)

A3 Prosocial Behaviour I B3 Environment I
Fabian Winter
"Cooperation and Coordination in Games with Population Uncertainty"
Pat Barclay
"'Greener Than Thou': Partner Choice Creates Competition to Save the Environment"
  Jürgen Fleiß
"Social and Environmental Value Orientations"
Michalis Drouvelis
"Prosociality Spillovers of Social Motivators for Work"
Ulf Liebe
"A Simple Method for Measuring Anthropocentric and Ecocentric Behavior in Large-Scale Surveys"
A4 Behavioural Theory III B4 Environment II

Chris Snijders
"Exploring the Click-trail: Using Students’ Learning Management System Data to Predict Course Performance. A Small Big Data Analysis"

Florian Lottermoser
"Sustainable Decision Modes"

Thomas Voss
"The Contribution of Game Theory to General Social Theory"
Sebastian Mader
"Predictors of National CO2 Emissions: Do International Commitments Matter?"

Johannes Zschache
"Multi-agent Melioration Learning"

Tobias Rüttenauer
"Environmental Justice in Germany: Evidence from Spatial Time-Series Analysis"

Friday, 27 May (Afternoon)

A5 Social Networks I  B5 Prosocial Behaviour II
Charlotte Corrodi
"How do Goal Structures and Close Social Contacts Associate with Stress?"
Jérôme Hergueux
"Cooperation in a Peer Production Economy: Experimental Evidence from Wikipedia"
Timon Elmer
"The Co-evolution of Emotional Well-being with Weak and Strong Friendship Ties"

Laura Metzger
"The Relationship between Social Preferences, Self-Image Concerns and Informed Charitable Giving"

Matthias Leiss
"How Communication Networks Help Achieve Collective Goals"
Robert Neumann
"Charitable giving in the field: Evidence from a quasi-experiment at bottle refund automats in Germany"
A6 Social Networks II B6 Social Norms I 
Alessandro Lomi
"From Ties to Events: Social Interaction and the Contingent Effect of Network Structure"
Joël Berger
"Social Norm Enforcement in the City and the Train. Evidence from (Quasi-)Experimental Field Studies"

Amnon Rapoport
"The Braess Paradox in Directed Networks with Mixed Externalities"

Fredrik Jansson
"The Moral Psychology of Liberals and Conservatives Can Predict Public Opinion Dynamics"
Tobias Wolbring
"The Generalized Matthew Effect in Science: Do Nobel Prize Effects Spread in Citation Networks?"
Lucas Molleman
"Social Interaction Effects in Norm Compliance"

Saturday, 28 May

A7 -  cancelled  B7 Social Norms II

Martin Neumann
"Sanction Recognition. A Conceptual Model of Extended Normative Reasoning"

  Heiko Rauhut & Fabian Winter
"Types of Normative Conflicts and the Effectiveness of Punishment"
A8 Reputation and Trust  B8 Discrimination and Ethnicity
Vincenz Frey
"Social Contagion and Chaotic Outcomes: A Model of Social Protest"
Zsófia Boda
"Social Effects on Racial Perception"
Wojtek Przepiorka
"The Production of a Reputation Premium: Bargain Hunting and Herding in eBay Auctions"
David Kretschmer
"Size Matters: Minority Labor Market Discrimination in a Dynamic Hiring Model with Employer Learning"

Werner Raub
"Testosterone Administration Moderates Effect of Social Environment on Trust in Women Depending on Second-to-Fourth Digit Ratio"

Lars Leszczensky
"Does Ethnic Classroom Composition Affect Identity-Based Friendship Choices of Immigrant and Native Adolescents?"

Janine C. Weeting
"Trusting Your Promise Because You Are Like Me – Identity Signals in Strategic Decision Making"

Wout Ultee
"Effects of Small-scale Settings on Homonegativity among Dutch Secondary School Students"


Poster Session 

Stefano Bennati

"The Role of Information in Group Formation"

Heidi Bruderer Enzler

"The Shadow of the Future: Survey-based Results on Environmentally Friendly Behavior"

Stefano Duca

"Assortative Matching with Inequality in Voluntary Contribution Games"

Jennifer Gewinner

"Fraud in Science. A Systematic Analysis of 'Retraction Watch' Data"

Marc Höglinger

"Do Descriptive Norms Save Lives? The Case of Organ Donation"

Julia Jerke 

"Publication Bias in Economics"

Ladina Rageth 

"Measuring the Social Status of Education Programmes: Applying a New Measurement to Dual Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland"

Áron Székely 

"Can Legal and Social Norm Approaches Counter Mafias?"


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