Game Theory and Society 2011 - Speakers

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Plenary Speakers

Andreas Diekmann
(ETH Zürich)
The Emergence of Social Norms Among Heterogeneous Actors

Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB), Video

Manfred Milinski
(MPG Plön)
Humans prefer establishing pool punishment to maintain the commons
Slides (PDF, 2.4 MB), Video

Rolf Ziegler (LMU München)
The Kula-Ring of Bronislaw Malinowski – Co-Evolution of an Economic and Ceremonial Exchange System
Slides (PDF, 2.9 MB), Video

Brian Skyrms (UC Irvine)
Naturalizing the Social Contract

Slides (PDF, 432 KB), Video

Dirk Helbing (ETH Zürich)
Cooperation, Norms, and Conflict: Towards Simulating the Foundations of Society

Slides (PDF, 7.6 MB), Video

Werner Raub
(Utrecht University)
Trust and Social Embeddedness

Slides (PDF, 2.5 MB), Video

Hartmut Esser
(University of Mannheim) 
The Model of Frame-Selection: Towards a General Theory of Action
Slides (PDF, 236 KB), Video

Karl Sigmund
(University of Vienna)
A Theoretical Approach to Institutionalized Incentives of Public Good Games: When Leviathan meets the Social Contract
Slides (PDF, 894 KB), Video

Ralph Hertwig
(University of Basel)
Simple Heuristics in a Social World

Slides (PDF, 592 KB), Video

Ramzi Suleiman
(University of Haifa)
Self-favoring and Other-Favoring in Repeated Two-Person Interactions
Slides (PDF, 312 KB), Video

Ernst Fehr
(University of Zürich)
Human Nature and Social Interaction – Behavioral & Analytical Foundations of Sociology
Slides (PDF, 245 KB), Video

Jorge Pacheco
(Universidade do Minho)
Evolutionary Dynamics of Climate Change under the Collective Risk Dilemma
Slides (PDF, 2.5 MB), Video

Herbert Gintis
(Santa Fe Institute)
Analytical Foundations of Sociological Game Theory

Slides (PDF, 208 KB), Video

Jacob Goeree
(University of Zürich)
The 1/d Law of Giving

Slides (PDF, 626 KB), Video

Chris Snijders
(TU Eindhoven)
Schelling's Segregation Model. An Overview of 40 Years of Follow up Studies
Slides (PDF, 2.1 MB), Video

Roberto Weber
(University of Zürich)
Leadership and Credibility in Games

Slides (PDF, 745 KB), Video

Rainer Hegselmann
(University of Bayreuth)
From small groups to large groups. Modeling Hume‘s moral and political theory
Slides (PDF, 27.5 MB), Video

Andreas Flache
(Groningen University) 
The Weak Side of Informal Social Control

Slides (PDF, 305 KB), Video

Urs Fischbacher
(University of Konstanz)
Lies in Disguise – On Honesty and Deception

Slides (PDF, 221 KB), Video

Ryan Murphy
(ETH Zürich)
Measuring Other Regarding Preferences


Parallel Sessions Speakers

"Social Norms" "Social Preferences" "Evolutionary Game Theory"
Fabian Winter: The Emergence of Norms from Conflicts over Just Distributions Devesh Rustagi: Leader Social Preferences and Group Performance: Experimental Evidence From Ethiopia Ruben Requejo: The Joker Effect: Cooperation driven by Destructive Agents
Heiko Rauhut: Lifting the Veil of Ignorance: An Experiment on Normative
Christoph Graf: Parameters of Social Preference Functions: Measurement and External Validity Stefan Pickl: Cooperative Games/ Climate Games
Yu Tongkui: Social Norms, Costly Punishment and the Evolution of Cooperation
Slides (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Güther Kainz: Do self-reported Strategies Match Actual Behavior in Social Preference Experiments?
Slides (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Floria, Mario: Selective Advantage of Tolerant Cultural Traits in the Axelrod-Schelling Model
Axel Franzen: Testing the External Validity of Giving in the Dictator Game Andreas Tutic: A Theory of Status-Mediated Inequity Aversion
Slides (PDF, 388 KB)
Luis Martinez: Invasion Dynamics in Iterative Games
Gerald Schneider: Groupthink: Theory and Evidence
Slides (PDF, 654 KB)
Michael Maes: Negative Social Preferences in Intergroup Settings Matt Zimmerman: The Cultural Evolution of Intergroup Conflict: Lessons from Evolutionary Game Theory
Kurt Ackermann: Predicting Contribution Levels in an Anonymous One-shot Public Goods Game
Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Sonja Vogt: Thin Slices of Preferences: Predicting Strategic Behavior Given Limited Information Jesus Gomez-Gardenes: Evolutionary Games Defined at the Network Mesoscale: The Public Goods Game
"Reputation / Signaling" "Networks / Spatial Games" "Inequality"
Martin Abraham: The Emergence of Reputation in Economic Transactions
Slides (PDF, 196 KB)
Hans Haller: Network Extension
Slides (PDF, 59 KB)
Ulf Liebe: The Power of Both: Reciprocity and Social Status
Slides (PDF, 531 KB)
Yutaka Nakai: In-Group Favoritism Based on Tag and Reputation in Group
Berno Büchel: Forming Opinions in Social Networks: The Effects of Strategic Interaction
Marc Keuschnigg: Solving Cooperation Problems in Heterogeneous Groups
Slides (PDF, 2.8 MB)
Wojtek Przepiorka: Is Charitable Giving a Costly Signal of Cooperative Intent? Decomposing the Benefits of Altruistic Acts
Fabio Tufano: Does Oneness Explain Coordination? An Experimental Study on the Importance of Relationship Closeness for Coordination Success
Stephan Schosser: The Public Loss Game - An Experimental Study of Public Bads
Amrish Patel: Does Category Reporting Increase Donations to Charity? A Signaling Game Approach
Slides (PDF, 496 KB)
Vincenz Frey: Embedding Trust in Information-exchange Relations: A Game-theoretic Model for Investments in and Returns on Social Capital
Slides (PDF, 289 KB)
Joel Berger: The Logic of Relative Frustration. Boudon’s Sociological Theory and Experimental Evidence
Slides (PDF, 187 KB)
Károly Takács: The Viability of Fake Signaling and Cooperation in Structured Populations
Jelena Grujic: Prisoner’s Dilemma on a Sizeable Network: Experiment and Theory
Flaminio Squazzoni: Does Incentive Provision Increase the Quality of Peer Review? A Game-Theory Experimental Study
Thomas Gautschi: A Nash Bargaining Model for Exchange Networks
Dirk Semmann: Interacting with Several Social Partners Decreases Cooperation
Hendrik Vollmer: What kind of game is everyday interaction?
Slides (PDF, 128 KB)
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